The Arches Festivals / Severn Arts

Festival Producer and Event Manager for nine festivals (2020-2022) in Worcester. Funded by the Cultural Development Fund (DCMS and Arts Council) and produced by Severn Arts, The Arches Festivals will bring music, installations, performance and outdoor arts to Worcester in the first events of their kind for the city.

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L I G H T  N I G H T  W O R C E S T E R

Attended by 5000 people, our first festival took place in January 2020 - since the pandemic hit, subsequent festivals are on hold until it is safe to resume.

For LNW2020, I oversaw all elements of Event Management including:

  • RAMS, H&S management & SAG liasion

  • Contractor management

  • Production management

  • Stakeholder liaison

  • Licensing, insurance and permissions

  • Procurement and budget management

  • Liaison with artists and delivery of installations (national and international), walkabout pieces, commission and a collaborative project between SPARK and Cirque Bijou.

  • Volunteer management

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